Toyota Center Parking Guide


The Toyota Center is one of Houston’s major entertainment venues.  Artists like Destiny’s Child, Drake and Prince have all performed at the Toyota Center.  The arena is home to the Houston Rockets.  The arena holds nearly 19,000 people and is located in central Houston.  This makes finding parking tricky.  Parking Panda is here to help! Parking Panda allows you to reserve your  parking ahead of time and save yourself time and stress! Your parking is 100% guaranteed because you reserve it ahead of time.  Parking Panda has 26 locations within easy walking distance of the Toyota Center.  Enjoy your event and let Parking Panda take care of the rest!   

Street Parking

Most parking meters are in operation from Monday - Saturday, 7 am - 6 pm.  This can vary based on location.  For more information on hours of operation, please click here.  The rates of the meters range from $.35 to $2.00 per hour, depending on where you are in the city.  Here is a nice map of the parking meter rates around Houston.  The meters used by Houston are pay stations, meaning that one pay station services multiple parking spaces.  The parking stations accept coins, bills and credit/debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo.  The spaces have a limit (2hr-10hr) posted on site.  For more information, please visit the City of Houston website.  

Toyota Center-Owned Parking

The Toyota Tundra Garage is located on 1515 Jackson Street and is the only parking officially provided by the arena.  The garage fills up quickly so reserving ahead of time with Parking Panda is your best bet or guaranteed parking.  

Parking Panda Parking Suggestions

Parking Panda can offer you peace of mind by allowing you to reserve parking ahead of time.  With Parking Panda, your parking is 100% guaranteed.  Here are some of our suggested parking locations.  

Handicap Parking Options

Nearly all of our parking locations are Handicap Accessible.  Some of the closest options include:

1411 Jackson Street (.0 miles away)

716 West Dallas Street (.8 miles away ~ cheapest)

1714 Bell Street (0.o miles away)

For more handicap accessible options, go to our website and look for locations with the “handicap accessible” icon. image

24/7 Parking Options

Parking Panda has a variety of all day parking options around the arena.  The closest options include:

1714 Bell Street (0.o miles away)

1317 Austin Street (0.1 miles away)

716 West Dallas Street (.8 miles away ~ cheapest)

For more 24/7 parking options, go to our website and look for locations with the 24/7 icon.  image

Overnight Parking Options

Parking Panda has a variety of overnight parking options around the Toyota Center.  The closest options include all the options listed above as well as:

1317 Austin Street (.1 miles away)

1611 La Branch Street (.1 miles away)

For more overnight parking options, click here and look for locations with the “overnight parking” icon.  image

Happy parking and enjoy Houston and the Toyota Center!

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