Top 10 Cities with Highest Revenues from Parking Violations

Parking ticket fine collection is a cash cow for U.S. major cities. With hefty fines tacked onto tickets, cities are making a big buck from your parking mistakes!

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Using cities' 2013 financial reports, TicketZen ranked U.S. cities by revenue made off of parking tickets. Check out the top 10 cities with highest parking ticket revenues:

10. San Jose

San Jose rakes in close to $60.5 million annually based on parking tickets. If you have fallen victim to a San Jose parking ticket,  you can pay or contest your ticket here. If you are looking to avoid parking tickets in San Jose, purchase a garage or lot parking spot with Parking Panda!

9. Dallas

The city of Dallas brought in over $80 million in parking ticket revenue in 2013. Parking violations in Dallas can be paid online here. Prevent the accumulation of parking tickets by reserving Dallas parking with us! With plenty of conveniently located garages and lots, you can park close to wherever you're heading in Dallas without having to worry about parking tickets! 

8. San Diego

San Diego earned over $81.5 million in revenue in 2013 from parking tickets payments. Find out San Diego's parking regulations here to avoid getting a parking ticket. Another parking option available in San Diego is Parking Panda! Parking Panda parking reservations guarantee you a parking spot in a selected garage or lot, away from any possibility of parking tickets. 

7. San Antonio

Over $84 million was collected by the city of San Antonio in 2013 for parking violations. Stopping or parking in prohibited places in San Antonio result in a costly parking ticket with its $202 fine. Avoid expensive parking tickets by reserving your San Antonio parking ahead of time. 

6. Phoenix

Phoenix collected over $98 million in parking tickets fines in 2013. Parking ticket fines in Phoenix range from $78 to $198. If you have received a parking ticket in Phoenix, you can use this calculator to find out how much you owe. To avoid Phoenix parking tickets, considering parking with Parking Panda! Parking Panda offers a multitude of garages and lots for you to park in to avoid the risk of on-street parking and parking tickets!

5. Philadelphia

Philly accumulated over $99 million in parking violation payments in 2013. Philadelphia Parking Authority monitors parking in the city from 6 AM until 11 PM, midnight, and even 3 AM some days. You can avoid any chance of parking violations by reserving Philadelphia parking with Parking Panda. We provide plenty of garage and lot locations in Philadelphia so you are bound to find a parking spot close to wherever you're headed. Once your vehicle is securely parked in a garage or lot, it is safe from the wrath of Parking Enforcement Officers!

4. Houston

Houston brought in over $139 million in revenue from parking tickets. If you have been issued a parking ticket in Houston, you can find out payment information here. If you are paying online, there will be a $5 processing fee. To avoid future Houston parking tickets, you should use Parking Panda. Don't stress over on-street parking regulations by reserving a 100% guaranteed parking space in a garage or lot. This way your car will not be subjected to the possibility of parking violations!

3. Chicago

In 2013 Chicago made close to $176 million in parking ticket revenue. With parking violations costing anywhere from $25 to $250, you'll want to avoid a parking ticket in Chicago. Parking Panda offers several locations for you to reserve guaranteed parking away from the threat of parking tickets. Park in a Chicago lot or garage and you won't even have to think about Chicago's many on-street parking rules and regulations!

2. Los Angeles

L.A. brought in over $250 million in revenue from parking violations in 2013. A parking ticket fine in L.A. on average is $68! If you have unfortunately received a parking ticket in L.A., you can find out payment or contesting information here. Parking Panda makes it possible to avoid L.A. on-street parking all together by providing garage parking. Parking Panda has a number of locations all over Los Angeles for you to utilize to avoid parking tickets!

1. New York City

Parking in NYC is complete madness! The Big Apple made close to $534 million in parking ticket payments in 2013. With parking tickets costing anywhere from $45 to $180, on-street parking in New York is risky. Avoid the hassle by reserving parking with Parking Panda in New York! With numerous locations, you'll be able to reserve 100% guaranteed parking in a garage or lot close to wherever you are headed in New York.

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