Save Time and Money on Spring Parking in NYC!

Spring has sprung and it's time to get out and about in The Big Apple! Spring time brings so many activities across all five boroughs of New York City and we want to help you enjoy it all!

While the weather improves, there will be endless events and opportunities to visit NYCParking in the city can be stressful no matter where you are, but there are differences unique to each borough. While most city residents will use public transportation, if you do find yourself driving we want you to know all about the parking situation in each part of New York City.

Things to Know About NYC Parking

Before we get into specifics, there are a few across the board aspects of parking in New York that you need to be aware of.

PARK Smart is a program that doesn't affect the entire city, but does affect many of the more populated areas. It's a program that automatically raised the meter rates during certain hours of the day. This is done to promote people to park in these areas for shorting periods of time, which opens up spaces on a more regular basis. So just be careful when reading the meter rates!

You also need to be aware of Alternate Side Parking regulations that affect street parking throughout the city. This is a system that allows for street cleaning. It simply limits when you can park on a certain side of a street. Signs are clearly marked with a red "P" and a broom, with the prohibited hours displayed. Typically the limits are only twice a week for three hours at a time, but hours do vary and you need to read the signs.

Finally you will need to be familiar with "No Stopping," "No Standing," and "No Parking" signs that exist throughout the city. With all three, you can not simply stop and wait for someone. With a "No Parking" sign, you can stop the car to unload or pick-up a package, however this would not be permitted for the other two. You can pick up a pedestrian when you see "No Parking" or "No Standing" signs. But when you see a "No Stopping" sign, it literally means that you can not stop on that street. 

For all of these rules and regulations we suggest that you pay close attention and use your best judgment. NYC is loud and busy street, but when it comes to parking it is highly advisable to take an extra minute to make sure that you're in compliance with all local signs.

Parking in Manhattan

For the most part you will be limited to garage parking when visiting Manhattan. Prices can get pretty high and there will be hidden fees for over-sized vehicles. Also be prepared to to leave your keys because man lots either maneuver or "stack" cars.

Reserving your parking space online will eliminate all of this stress as you can choose where to park based on price, whether you want to park in a lot or a garage and know that you won't be hit with any hidden fees.

Street parking is available, however most of it is metered. Your best luck will be had in the East and West Villages as well as north of Central Park. As you make your way south of Central Park into Lower Manhattan street parking is strictly not permitted.

Parking in The Bronx

The Bronx is not like Manhattan at all! Parking garages are still the norm but you will more of the traditional set up, drive-in and park as opposed to lots where you need to leave your key. However it is still NYC so garages do fill up, especially for Yankees games, so we suggest you still reserve your space online before your next visit.

Street parking is also relatively prevalent in this northern borough. Most streets allow it, with metered parking on some of the busier streets. Just pay attention to parking signs to make sure you're in compliance with the allowed days and hours.

Parking in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a very popular place to live in NYC but it usually viewed as far away by other city residents. When people come this far south, it's usually by car. Parking garages still dominate in this portion of the city, but more so like they do in The Bronx as opposed to Manhattan.

If you're catching a game or a concert at The Barclays Center, we have plenty of parking nearby!

Parking in Queens

Once you move out to the borough of Queens you begin to get a much more suburban feeling as compared to Manhattan.

You won't find any parking garages out here. There will be some open surface lots but most of the parking will be on the street. You just have to make sure that you pay attention to the street signs to make sure that you're in compliance. Even though you're out of "the city," alternate side parking is still pretty prevalent in Queens.

Parking in Staten Island

Those who think Brooklyn is far away from the heart of NYC must never have been to Staten Island. But parking does get a bit easier when you travel this southern island.

You will find mostly street parking in this borough. Probably the easiest place to park in NYC, Staten Island still has it's challenges. If you're parking near the busy shopping streets it will be more difficult. There are some free lots near retail stores and several paid municipal lots in the downtown area near the courts and the ferry. Other than that, finding a spot should be relatively easy!

A lot of city residents will use the Staten Island Ferry. It runs 24/7 and travels between the St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island to the Whitehall Ferry Terminal (a.k.a. South Ferry) in Manhattan. Metro-cards are available for purchase at both destinations, so you can take the subway in Manhattan or MTA buses and the Staten Island Railway (SIR) on the island.

Plan Your Parking Ahead of Time

New York's Department of Transportation has developed a website that allows travelers to view specific street parking regulations and conditions in different areas before heading there to actually park their car.

This website is extremely helpful and can allow you to get a sense of what the parking situation will be in a specific area of each borough.

Additionally, you can also reserve your space in a parking garage or lot online. We have plenty of parking options throughout the city. NYC is busy and can be overwhelming at times. Having a guaranteed reserved space, knowing the address of where you're headed and knowing exactly how much you will be paying, is sure to eliminate a lot of the stress associated with parking in a big city.

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