San Francisco City Guide

San Francisco is one of the West Coast’s jewels.  Nestled on the coast in beautiful Northern California, San Francisco boasts a rich history and culture.  Millions flood the city every year to see the Golden Gate Bridge, walk the stony halls of Alcatraz and visit the numerous art museums.  Parking in a city like San Francisco can be a stressful experience.  Commercial and municipal garages fill up quickly and trying to find street parking is often more trouble than it’s worth  Let Parking Panda help! Save time and stress by reserving parking ahead of time with Parking Panda! Enjoy the city of San Francisco and let Parking Panda take care of the rest.  


San Francisco uses Fas Trak Electronic Toll Collection as their fast lane toll collection.  They do not accept EZ Pass.  For most of the tolls, 2 axle vehicles pay $5.  The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has prices that change based on time.  The rates are as followed for 2 axle vehicles:

Monday-Friday, 12:01 am-5 am, 10 am-3 pm, 7 pm-12 am: $4

Monday-Friday, 5 am- 10 am, 3 pm-7 pm: $6

Saturday-Sunday, 12:01 am - 12 pm: $5

For more information on the Bay Area tolls, please visit the Bay Area Toll Authority website.

Street Parking

All parking meters in San Francisco accept coins and most accept credit cards and SFMTA Parking cards.  The hours and rates of the parking meters change based on when and where you are parking.  Generally, the meters run from 7am - 6pm, Monday-Saturday.  As of July 1, 2014, most of the meters around the city do not run on Sundays except in select locations.  They can cost anywhere from $.25 - $6.00 per hour.  For more information on rates and hours, here is a map provided by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.  All meters have a limit of at least 2 hours.  

San Francisco has color-coded their curbs to indicate what kind of parking is allowed.  Click here to see what color means what!

San Francisco has recently introduced a new program called SFPark.  SFPark periodically adjusts the price of parking on the streets and in garages based on demand.  This is done to make parking easier to find.  For more information on SFPark, please visit their website.  For more information on general parking, please visit the SFMTA website.

Warning~Your vehicle will get ticketed and towed if you don’t follow the rules.  Here is a nice guide on how to park legally provided by the SFMTA.

Commercial Garages

Parking Panda can offer you peace of mind when trying to park in San Francisco.   On busy days, parking garages fill up quickly.  Parking Panda can take some worry out of your day by allowing you to reserve parking ahead of time.  We have exclusive discounts with some of our partner garages that can save you money.  Your parking is 100% guaranteed because you reserved it ahead of time.  Simply go online and browse through our various locations, select your spot, and it will be waiting for you when you arrive.  We want your parking experience to be stress-free.  Use Parking Panda and spend more time enjoying your San Francisco adventure!

Happy Parking and enjoy San Francisco!

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