Parking Panda Teams Up With the O’s

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We are very excited to announce that Parking Panda is the parking partner of the Baltimore Orioles. Based in Baltimore and with our knowledge of parking-concerns in the city, Parking Panda has a deep-rooted understanding of the need for a parking solution to help fans attending Orioles’ games.

In the official MLB.COM press release announcing the partnership, Parking Panda CEO, Nick Miller, describes parking as it relates to a fan’s gameday experience and why this partnership means so much to us:

Parking is a huge part of the gameday experience, and anybody who has driven to a game knows it can make for a terrible experience. Many fans leave the house without a good idea of where they’re going to park or what they’re going to pay ahead of time. The result is that we end up stuck in traffic and circling the block passing ‘lot full’ signs.

When we finally see the first sign for parking, we pull in to an unfamiliar lot, pay an arm and a leg in cash to the attendant, cross our fingers and hope that our car will still be in the same condition when we return from the game. At the end of the game, you brace for the inevitable line of cars you’re going to have to wait in to get out of the lot. You even often see droves of fans leaving the stadium early — games that they paid good money to see and enjoy — just to avoid the rush to the parking lot.

We at Parking Panda recognize that parking can be a huge problem, and we want to help fix this so fans can get back to enjoying the game.

By reserving a spot in advance, not only do you save time and stress impacted by driving around searching for a reasonable parking option, you are choosing the spot based on the distance and rate that works best for you- no surprise fees or taxes once you arrive. Because so much of city traffic (especially on a game day) is caused by people driving around searching for parking options with availability that don’t cost a fortune, another major benefit for both city residents and visitors is that knowing the exact location of where your parking space is being saved for you can substantially reduce the traffic sourced by those trying to park.

For those who have yet to experience the convenience of 100% guaranteed reserved parking, the way it works is you first select the parking facility where you would like to park on game day. Once purchased, you are instantly emailed your confirmation page that can be displayed either from your smartphone or through the confirmation page printout.

imageIf you haven’t given stress-free reserved parking a try yet here is another great reason to now, for your next trip to Camden Yards. Use promo code ORIOLES20 at checkout for $20 off your next Orioles Parking reservation*. Click here to reserve parking for any upcoming game you plan to attend. LET’S GO O’S!!!

*Offer valid for first-time users only and can be applied to any future reservation made now through 7/15.

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