Parking Panda is Helping to Reduce Onsite Credit Card Swipe Attacks

What Happens When You Swipe your Card? –Was the lead question 60 Minutes proposed to viewers in a segment this weekend. Unfortunately, during the busiest shopping time of the year, many consumers are finding out the hard way. You may have heard about the 13 parking garages in the Chicago-area that were compromised by malicious computer software. Parking Panda customers were NOT affected by this onsite malware breach. This is one of the benefits of using Parking Panda as opposed to the old way of unplanned, drive-up parking.

By using the secure app, you avoid having to swipe your credit card at the garage. Parking Panda also prevent garages from losing money when attendants pocket cash on-site. Basically, everything is safer and easier when you don't leave things to chance with payment on-site. By partnering with thousands of professional, secure & reputable locations, the service allows customers to search for parking in lots and garages and compare prices seamlessly.

Did you know each onsite swipe of a credit or debit card contribute to the 97% of all companies (Dairy Queen, Home Depot, PF Chang’s, SP+ garages, etc) that are experiencing security breaches? The cards themselves are fundamentally fraud-prone in part because the magnetic stripe cards are just too easy to counterfeit.  

This holiday season, shop smart and reduce your chance of being affected by criminal onsite swipe attacks. Use good judgment and look for ways to avoid swiping your credit card for unnecessary transactions. Instead of paying for parking on-site, use a secure app, such as Parking Panda, and rest assured knowing that your personal information is safe!