Parking Panda Introduces the Fully-Automated Parking Experience: PandaScan

Parking Panda is excited to announce the nationwide rollout of automated scanners for the most stream-lined experience in parking. Aptly named PandaScan, the exclusive Parking Panda technology includes an array of automated technology from the ability to scan in/out of the garage to even redeeming a reservation from a pay station system.

What is PandaScan?

PandaScan is the streamlined parking experience, brought to you exclusively by Parking Panda. Already fully functioning in 6 major cities, the orange PandaScan scanners allow customers to use the QR code in their confirmation page to scan in and out of the garage - no more pesky tickets or dealing with attendants! When reserving your Parking Panda reservation, just look for the  banner! 

Another exciting aspect of the PandaScan experience is the integration with pay stations. Customers reserving at select facilities can conveniently reserve with Parking Panda and directly validate their parking space at the pay station by inputting the confirmation code on the Parking Panda confirmation page.

Try out the PandaScan experience:

1. Download the free Parking Panda app on iOS or Android

2. Reserve parking at PandaScan-enabled facilities in one of the following cities:





San Diego

San Francisco

Washington, D.C.

3. Simply pull up the app to use the reservation QR code on the scanner

4. Watch the gate lift automatically!

Partnership with Colonial Parking

As an exclusive partnership with Colonial Parking, Parking Panda will install at least 25 PandaScan scanners in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area at Colonial facilities in 2015. The coverage will include D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia. Whether you need parking near Verizon Center, Georgetown, or for the next Washington Nationals game, Parking Panda and Colonial Parking will allow you the most streamlined experience!  

Parking Panda is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technology to provide the most convenient parking solutions to our customers. Whether you need hourly parking for your appointment downtown or monthly parking near your office, Parking Panda has your back!

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Parking Panda is free and available on the go with our iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

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  • Margaret Weiss

    4/17/2015 8:43:52 PM |

    Hope you can eventually do parking at Baltimore Amtrak Penn Station.