PandaScan comes to Boston!

We at Parking Panda want to make parking as easy for you as possible and we have taken another step towards that goal. We have brought PandaScan to Boston!

PandaScan is the best way to park your car. We have installed Parking Panda technology to several parking locations throughout Boston so now you can park like a boss!

How does PandaScan Work?

It's simple! Go to or use our awesome app and search for parking near whatever it is you want to do or wherever you want to go in Boston. Find a location with the symbol and purchase your parking.

Now when you arrive at your selected destination you will our PandaScan scanning technology. Simply hold up your QR code to the scanner, preferably on your phone through our app but on paper works too! The QR code will scan, the gate will open and you're free to park. Do the same thing when you leave and you've had the seamless PandaScan experience.

Why should I use PandaScan?

PandaScan is the future, but it's now also the present! This is the easiest way to park. With everything being on your phone through our app, you're able to park without talking to an attendant or waiting at a pay station and you don't have to keep track of a tiny ticket. You park on your schedule, on your terms.

No attendants, no tickets, just parking.

We have great parking throughout Boston and can't wait for you to try us out. Whether you're heading to a Red Sox game or just a day trip to Boston Common, we've got a spot saved for you!

We know that you will enjoy your PandaScan experience. Also keep an eye out for the symbol so you can pay less than what the garage charges if you were to drive up without having used Parking Panda.

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Parking Panda is free and available on the go with our iOS, Android, and Windows apps.