Meet William B., Our February Customer of the Month!

There’s nothing worse than being late to a meeting across town only to realize that you have to find some place to park your car. Parking Panda’s February Customer of the Month, William B., is familiar with just that. A leather craftsman and designer hailing from the New York City area, Parking Panda provides William with a convenient parking solution for his constant client meetings across town. 

William came to Parking Panda after previous woes led him to missing a meeting with an important client. By reserving ahead of time, William knows exactly where he’ll be parking and that a spot will be waiting for him. Comparing prices across garages in the area means that the fruits of his meetings will not be negated by hefty parking fees. Without further ado, we give you William B.!

How did you find out about Parking Panda originally?

I used to live in Paris. When I came here and saw how exorbitantly priced parking was, I knew that in order to justify the business meetings that I have in New York I needed to have a cost efficient and convenient means of finding parking near the offices I would be at. I also wanted to make sure I wouldn't negate any sales I was bringing into the firm with high parking fees.

Essentially I Googled free parking in New York. I read the reviews for the app and it looked like it was reliable. There are other companies out there but based on what the reviewers were saying, Parking Panda seemed like a trustworthy company to work with.

There's nothing worse than being late for a meeting and needing to find parking quickly only to find the lot to be full.

What was your first reservation like?

I was late for a client meeting and I drove up to a lot and asked how much it would be for a couple hours. The attendant told me that it would be close to $75 to park my Range Rover. No matter what client I'm meeting, I can't justify those costs. That's how I came across the product, I downloaded the app in 30 seconds.

You mentioned you previously lived in Paris. What are the biggest differences between the two cities in terms of parking, public transportation, etc..

There is such a streamlined public transit system and even a heavy reliance on biking. That kind of negates the need for public parking and lessens the amount of automobile driving there is. It makes it a lot easier to get around, much more cost efficient, and better for the environment as well. It was certainly a shock to come to New York and see the reliance there is on parking for commuters coming in from the suburbs.

Are there many train options to commute into New York City from the suburbs?

There are but it is much more convenient to drive.

What leads you to park all over the city?

I pick the garages solely based on geographic proximity to the meetings that I have. If I'm in the Garment District and I have a meeting at Macy's, boom I can make a reservation right there. If I've got a meeting at Bloomingdales on the Upper East side, I can easily find parking there as well too. I seem to be perennially late to client meetings. The attendant's see me running in and out, I toss my keys to the valet attendant and probably look panic stricken half the time. I use it mostly for work. When I'm in town for leisure I move at my own pace and I usually take the train into the city. During the business week I need convenience and that's where Parking Panda comes through for me.

Tell us more about the garage that you use most frequently. 

I've been in that garage at 59 W 55th St many times, I feel like there is this odd sense of comfort. It's located in the epicenter of where many of my fashion clients are. It's super convenient for me given my line of work. They have a nice staff and the price is really good. I pay $20 for four hours, that's a tremendous bargain for New York.

Could you walk me through the redemption process with the Parking Panda app?

I just pull up my reservation in the app and show the attendants my reservation code. It's quite simple. It makes things really easy for the attendants as well.

Parking Panda digitizes the parking experience. What other digital services have you employed to make your life easier?

It's funny that people think of parking as an afterthought, but sometimes I get more stressed about parking than the actual meeting itself. Sometimes buildings with parking are not well marked and traffic can be terrible. I use Waze to fight traffic, I know the most optimal way to get to the garage. Parking can be the biggest headache of all, I might get there 15 minutes early but be circling the block over and over with all of the one way streets, it's such a nice privilege to have your parking situation sorted out ahead of time.

Thanks to William for speaking with us about his Parking Panda experiences. Interested in being the next Customer of the Month? Shoot an email to We offer Parking Panda credits in exchange for your time!

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  • David Wice

    2/24/2016 5:15:43 PM |

    First time we used Panda was in Toronto last year. We had to go right downtown and wanted easy access to parking and reasonable rate.
    Exactly what we got.  No disappointment.
    Have used several times since when we are in Toronto.

  • William Bauer

    3/4/2016 12:18:46 PM |

    An honor to be featured, Parking Panda does an incredible job and have never disappointed!