Meet Suzanne, our Customer of the Month for December!

Suzanne R. has been named Parking Panda's Customer of the Month for December! A weekend warrior who likes to frequent New York City, Suzanne makes use of Parking Panda to save money and ensure that she has a parking spot waiting for her. An avid Broadway fan, Suzanne also enjoys exploring the many neighborhoods of NYC and visiting its famous museums. Keep reading to find out why Suzanne loves Parking Panda so much!

How did you hear about Parking Panda?

I heard an advertisement on the radio on WYPR and it seemed like something that would make my life a little bit easier. 

Why do you make use of our service?

We like to visit cities, especially New York. In general there is a lot of uncertainty when looking for a parking spot in NYC. You can fight traffic to get to a particular parking lot only to find that it's full. Orr you can be pressed for time trying to find a convenient lot that will take your car. Parking Panda makes it really easy to see exactly where a parking lot is and exactly how much it will cost. Booking a prepaid reservation takes all of the uncertainty of the parking experience out. 

Where are you typically headed when you're searching for a parking spot to reserve?

Once we used it for a play, a particular event. We needed to know that the lot was going to be open very late, and we knew exactly what time we had to pick the car up by. Another time we used it we were in New York for the weekend and we needed a place to store the car for a full day. We were able to choose a location that was convenient to all the places we would be visiting throughout the day. 

Tell me about redeeming your reservation after you've booked a parking spot. 

Things have been perfectly smooth on all of the reservations that I've booked so far. The attendants recognize our reservation immediately and have a spot waiting for us. It was quick, you don't have to exchange money. 

You have been expressing that Parking Panda helps to ease your mind when you're in a different city. What was your parking experience like before you made use of our service?

Before Parking Panda things were uncertain and unsettling, definitely a stress agent. The parking process used to add time, effort and concern. We would use another website that would at least tell you where the lots were, but not allow you to make a reservation. There was no guarantee that a space would be waiting for you. 

Parking Panda allows you to compare not just the locations but also the prices of different parking locations. It allows you to make the smartest, most cost efficient choice. It's one stop shopping. 

Have you ever parked at your hotel while you're staying in Manhattan?

We always stay in Manhattan when we're visiting. I don't believe we've ever parked at the hotel we're staying at because it costs such a fortune. 

What is the most that you've paid in one trip to New York?

We took my in-laws to New York a few years ago. I think throughout the course of the weekend we paid as much for parking as we did for the hotels. We easily spent over $100 in parking that weekend. It was kind of a nightmare. I wish we had known about Parking Panda back then.

Parking Panda aims to digitize the parking industry and the parking experience. What other ways have you digitized your life?

We use Uber, online banking, Open Table, we do almost everything on our phones or computer. It simplifies things a lot and parking has been our latest foray into the digital services world. We book almost all of our travel on the Southwest Airlines app. 

If you have a free day in New York, what is your favorite thing to do?

Go to a museum, find a cool hole in the wall restaurant and then see a show on Broadway. 

And the top 3 museums that you've visited?

The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Morgan Library. 

Do you have a favorite neighborhood in NYC?

That's impossible to answer, too many. We love West Village, Chelsea, and we love Brooklyn actually as well. 

Any Broadway shows that stand out that you've seen in the past year?

Beautiful, Les Miserables, Matilda, Hamilton. We've seen a lot, those four were exceptional.  

Have you seen any good movies lately?

We saw Spotlight, it was great. 

What type of music do you like?

I like all types of music but mostly Mo-Town and show tunes. 

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