Meet Leisa, Our July Customer Of The Month!

Parking Panda’s Customer of the Month for July is Leisa L., who comes to us after two stress free parking experiences in the great city of Chicago. Leisa was visiting the Art Institute of Chicago and wanted to make sure that she no longer had to circle the block looking for a parking spot. After a great day in one of the country’s best art museums, she made use of Parking Panda a few days later to secure parking during a hectic July 4th scramble! Let’s get to know Leisa L.!

How did you find out about Parking Panda?

I found out about Parking Panda when I was on the Art Institute of Chicago’s website. We were going to visit and they had a link on their website.

Tell me about your experience using our service. What was it like to reserve parking ahead of time?

It was really easy, there are tons of Parking garages in Chicago but it’s sometimes tough to know what’s going to be close, and what’s going to be convenient, usually just a lot of driving around that you don’t want to do . So I said “oh I’ll just map it out and find something close to our destination.” You just pull up your reservation and use the QR code. It beeps you right in and the gates open for you. The reservation was prepaid and you don’t have to worry about paying again, the people working there were really nice, it was simple!

A few days later we were headed downtown to watch the fireworks on the pier for the 4th of July. I was like ‘wow, 4th of July, that could be crazy’. So I just went to my Parking Panda app and found something that would be close to the pier and reserved a spot. It made things a lot easier.

I would tell people to make sure that they read the directions. The directions provided were very thorough.

How was your day at the Art Institute of Chicago?

The Art Institute was super cool, I didn’t have enough time there but it was really amazing. It was our first time there.

What is the Art Institute known for, what pieces do they have there?

They have tons of European Art, tons of American Art, they have the American Gothic painting. They have a lot of Monet, which is my favorite. They have sculpture and Americana type stuff. It was really cool. There are three multi level buildings that are connected, it was definitely a place I would encourage people who are visiting Chicago to go. It’s a great value for your dollar.

Do you have any tips or tricks for people who are visiting?

If you go on a weekday it’s definitely better. The longer you can stay in there the better. There’s a lot to see. It’s also really close to Millennium Park, you might want to park and stay the whole day to check that out as well.

Parking Panda has digitized the parking experience, what other apps do you like to use?

We do almost everyone online these days. I like to use Yelp. We do online banking and use maps. Lots of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat). We have a lot of kids so we do whatever we need to do to communicate with them.

Thanks so much for your time, Leisa! We're happy that we could help in making your trip to the Art Institute of Chicago stress-free! 

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