Meet Laura L., Our March Customer of the Month!

Parking Panda is ecstatic to announce that Laura L. is our March Customer of the Month. A Washington D.C. resident, Laura is a dynamic individual who instantly recognized our service as a solution to her parking needs after her company moved to a new office where parking is tough to come by. A community manager at a D.C. tech company, Laura moonlights as a DJ and has an extensive vinyl record collection. Laura also enjoys indulging in a good craft beer on the weekends or a cup of coffee on the way to work. 

Laura has brought some electricity to our Customer of the Month installation. Keep up with her on Twitter, or check out her feel good playlist she made exclusively for Parking Panda by reading on below.

How did you find out about Parking Panda?

I just Googled it actually. I knew that parking apps existed but I had never used one before. Our office switched locations to an area where parking is difficult to come by. Doing regular ticketed parking is way more expensive, about one third more expensive at this building than our last building. I wanted to find something that was slightly more affordable and really easy to use. 

What keeps you coming back? Why do you make use of our service?

Definitely the ease of use. It's super easy to just hop on the app and reserve a spot versus having to show up to the garage to potentially find them completely booked and have to park at a different location. It helps me be more efficient in the morning.

Walk me through a typical reservation process. How do you purchase and redeem your parking reservations?

I'll usually book a reservation while I'm on my way to work. I typically make reservations on the app. Usually the redemption process is really easy. You just hand the parking ticket to the attendant, show them your cell phone and you're done. It's very efficient going in and out of the garage.

Did you ever have any really bad parking experiences before Parking Panda?

Parking always has the potential to go wrong. I've had a few parking tickets. There have been situations where the parking garages have been completely full. There are situations where you're driving around the block looking for street parking. That nullifies the reason why I drove in the first place, which is to save time. With Parking Panda, it's nice to know that you have a guaranteed spot. 

Do you have public transportation options? Why do you choose to drive each day and how does Parking Panda impact that decision?

Public transportation can be very unpredictable, especially in light of the recent D.C. Metro shutdown. Driving is often the best way to get somewhere on time. It is much more convenient than public transportation. If I have the luxury of time, I will take the Metro sometimes. While there are a few options for public transportation, it is usually unreliable. 

How long is your commute on average?

Anywhere from 25-30 minutes, which is pretty standard for the D.C. Metro area.

Are you a coffee lover? Do you like to listen to music? Any commute routines?

The first thing I do in the car is turn on Spotify. I'll typically create a "radio station" based off of one particular song. It could be just whatever mood I'm in that day. I really love music. I do almost always have a cup of coffee in the car and it's inevitably gone by the time I reach the office. I'm usually in a good mood and well caffeinated by the time I step into the office. 

Let's say that it's Monday morning and you're trying to fight off the Monday morning blues, what's the one Spotify station that you're putting on?

There's a song by a band called Junior Senior, it's called "Move Your Feet". You can't put that song on and not be in a good mood. 

Laura created a feel good morning playlist exclusively for Parking Panda. Have a listen!

If you have 48 hours in Washington D.C. on the weekends, what are you getting up to?

I am a DJ on the side and I only spin vinyl so I'm always checking out record shops in D.C. I'd also identify as a foodie: at any given time I'm meeting up with friends, getting together over a craft beer or checking out a new restaurant in Washington D.C..

Any craft beers that you're really into right now?

Port City Brewing Company's their double IPA, Maniacal. Ballast Point makes a great beer called the Grapefruit Sculpin. Anderson Valley has a really good Gose for anyone into unconventional beers!

Tell us more about your DJing hobby.

It started off as a hobby, I just loved collecting records. Then I had a few friends who pushed me to pursue it a bit further. I put all the money I make as a DJ towards funding my record collection. 

What do you do for a living?

I'm the Senior Community Manager for an event technology company called Social Tables. Social Tables helps meeting and event planners and properties plan better events and increase their efficiency with the use of our technology. In my role, I help facilitate connections between our brand and our community, which includes, our customers, thought leaders, and event planners and venues. By facilitating these connections (both online and off), I can empower each person to be more successful in their roles as a result of building that relationship. My position is a hybrid role: it's a little bit of content creation, social media, and events.  

What is it like to work in the D.C. tech scene?

It's a great scene to be in. A lot of the time people think that the tech hot beds are San Francisco or New York or Austin, Texas. I think that D.C. is getting up there in terms of the really innovative companies that operate here. Working for one of the fastest growing companies in the area is pretty exciting. Everything changes on a day to day basis. You'll never have the same agenda twice. 

Parking Panda has digitized the parking industry, what other digital services do you make use of to simplify your life?

I use Amazon Pantry, which enables you to order a bunch of stuff that you might need for your house for one small flat delivery fee. I also use Uber and Lyft should I ever need a ride somewhere. I do use Venmo, which is great. I also use Slack, which is a communication tool. I use that for a few different reasons, one being to communicate within my company. I am a part of different meetups and groups in the D.C. area, Slack helps to digitize that communication and reduce emails. I don't know if you've ever hosted a meetup before but it's a great tool. 

Laura went above and beyond to help us out for March's Customer of the Month edition, many thanks! Interested in being the next Customer of the Month? Please send an email to We offer free parking in exchange for your time!

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