Meet Joseph, Our October Customer of the Month!

Parking Panda’s Customer of the Month for October is Joseph K., a resident of Washington D.C.. Joseph recognizes that Parking Panda provides a cost-efficient, time saving solution to many transportation dilemmas..

Joseph enjoys the convenience of driving around the city so that he can have his car available to him. But street parking can be tough to find and parallel parking is tricky for someone from the suburbs. Whenever Joseph has an engagement around the city, he hops on to our app to investigate cheap garage parking options in the area. With a couple of friends in the car to split the fee, Joseph even prefers Parking Panda over popular ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft.

Keep reading to dive deeper into how our October Customer of the Month interacts with our service.

How did you find out about Parking Panda?

A few months ago I was headed to an event in Georgetown. Georgetown is an area of Washington D.C. where it can be very tough to find parking. But I also live near the Captiol Hill part of town and I didn’t want to have to pay for Uber or Lyft all the way out to Georgetown and back. So I thought it would be efficient to buy a garage spot and split it between all of my friends. I was able to find a garage that was a reasonable price and a reasonable distance to the event.

Can you tell me a little bit about the reservation process? Have you used the app or the website in the past?

The first time I used the website, and I think it’s very user friendly. It’s very geographic centric. You can put in any bar or cross street and it’s easy to find the surrounding parking options. You can easily compare all the prices and options. The second or third time I made a reservation I started using the app. It’s easier in the sense that if you’re at a parking garage you can just show the reservation to the attendant straight from your phone.

Why do you like our service? What keeps you coming back?

I think it’s efficient. If you have a car in the city you are able to take advantage of the proximity of all these parking garages to major destinations and attractions in town. You can save money for you and your friends by splitting a parking reservation as opposed to shelling out money for Uber rides there and back, especially when it is a busy night and there are surcharges.

Where are you typically headed when you make use of our service? Are you headed to work, a night on the town, for travel, etc?

Usually I am just headed out with some friends. The most recent time my friends and I were headed to the White House for an event. It was good to have a location pretty close to the White House, we were able to keep our car close to the White House and then head out to lunch afterwards.

What happens after you’ve booked your reservation? Can you could walk us through the redemption process?

When I’ve used it in the past, I hit the normal button and get a ticket and then redeem it on the way out. The most efficient time was when I was able to use the Parking Panda scanner to scan into the garage and lift the gate up from my phone. My reservations have always been accepted, I’ve never had a problem with the garage.

Parking Panda has digitized the parking experience, how else have you digitized your life? What other apps or services do you use to make your life easier?

Venmo definitely makes my life easier. Especially when you’re out at a restaurant with eight or nine people. If I know everybody, it’s just easier for me to put the bill on my credit card and have everyone Venmo me. Parking Panda definitely fits the model of being user friendly, being efficient for the user and saving time.

What was the parking experience for you like before Parking Panda?

Honestly I never really considered the parking experience before Parking Panda. Usually you think of parking garages as being really expensive, you guys do a good job of working out deals with certain parking garages. I’m in my 20’s so you have to be really cost effective. Also coming from suburbs, it’s nice not having to deal with much parallel parking. City street parking can be pretty annoying.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to go to country concerts and and just go out to restaurants with friends. The normal things everyone else likes to do with their friends.

Have you seen any good concerts lately?

I just took the bar exam this summer so I was busy studying for that. I did get to go to a Taylor Swift concert this summer, but that’s not really a country concert anymore. That was my first pop concert.

Have you seen any movies lately?

I’m looking to two that are about to coming out. The James Bond movie is coming out soon, and I’ve always been a Charlie Brown fan, looking forward to that one.


Thanks so much, Joseph, for your time! We love our special Parking Panda-only deals at our partner garages througout DC too. We'll continue to work hard to bring more steals and deals to our great customers! 

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