Meet Diane H., Parking Panda's November Customer of the Month!

Parking Panda is lucky to have customers who are passionate about finding cheap, easy, and reliable parking experiences. Diane H., our November Customer of the Month, is no different. Diane hails from the Windy City and has recognized Parking Panda as a solution to her parking nightmares in one of the country's busiest cities. Parking Panda enables Diane to organize meetings throughout the city without worrying about where to park, taking one less thing off her plate. She particularly enjoys our "PandaScan" feature, which allows her to scan into and out of garages. Keep reading to get to know Diane H.!

How did you find out about Parking Panda?

I was headed to see an opera show and needed parking.

Where are you headed typically when you need to make a parking reservation?

Typically I make reservations for work. I do work in various locations, I have a lot of meetings in various city locations. I also use Parking Panda for the occasional night out. 

What keeps you coming back to Parking Panda? Why do you like our service?

The reservation process is really easy. I haven't started using the app yet but I want to soon. I like to be able to see where my options are. I have often felt ripped off by parking lots. So the fact that I can a reasonably priced spot for a decent amount of time feels like a good use of my money. 

What are the next steps after you've booked your reservation? Tell me about the redemption process? 

I always like to print out the reservation so that I have a little map with me. It's nice having the confirmation sheet with you just in case you don't have internet access for some reason. There was one location that just took down my confirmation number and then let me go, that was really easy. 

What was your parking experience like before you found Parking Panda?

Parking was always a challenge. Often if you needed to park near hotels it was absurdly expensive. This made setting up meetings a lot more inconvenient. If I had a client coming into town and we needed to meet in their hotel lobby, paying $36 to park for 90 minutes is crazy. Through Parking Panda I find parking options under $20 for the entire afternoon. 

What is it like to know that you have a guaranteed spot waiting for you?

When you know you have a spot it definitely takes the stress away. Driving into the city knowing that a spot waiting for you is really nice. 

Where do you go see the Opera? What are the parking options near that area?

I am a season ticket holder at the Lyric Opera House of Chicago. A lot of the parking options around that area are controlled by businesses who have offices there. I had to come to a meeting once before the 4pm opera time. The parking that the opera house offers only opens up at 4pm. If I need to park earlier I will make use of Parking Panda. 

If you could make one improvement to our service what would it be?

Not all of the locations through your service have the ability to scan your bar code. Being able to scan your reservation makes the redemption process a lot easier. 

Why do you like Parking Panda?

 I really like the ease of using it, I take care of it before I leave the house in the morning. And then I know before I leave the house that I have reasonable indoor parking waiting for me, that's really nice as the Chicago weather gets so bad.

What else do you like to do for fun outside of seeing opera shows?

 I go to different theatre productions, museums, and lectures. I enjoy the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Do you have any sports allegiances?

We're Bulls fans!

Are you watching any interesting TV shows?

I like Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. I watch a lot of foreign films.