Meet Dana, Our April Customer of the Month!

As the warm weather returns, so too does the stress of finding parking at all your favorite summer spots. Parking Panda’s Customer of the Month for April, Dana V., comes to us after spending two great days with stress free parking experiences in Washington D.C.. Dana visited the Smithsonian National Zoo, where she was able to reserve parking at the Zoo’s V.I.P. lot, merely steps away from the main entrance. She enjoyed her experience so much that she made use of our service the very next day during her trip to the National Mall!

Hailing from New York, Dana is familiar with the struggle of finding parking. She instantly recognized the value of our service and plans on utilizing Parking Panda back on her home turf.

How did you hear about Parking Panda?

We’re from New York City. It was spring break so my family and I went to DC to visit some family and check out some of the sights. I heard about Parking Panda through the National Zoo. When you look at the parking information on their site you see that you can reserve parking through your service. So I said ‘oh let me check this out because I wasn’t trying to get there at 8 o’clock in the morning’.

How was your experience when you arrived at the Smithsonian National Zoo?

The parking space was extremely close to the zoo entrance. I did the VIP option and it was literally maybe 5 feet away from the entrance, right next to the Panda display which was nice.

I don’t have a smartphone so I actually had printed my reservation before hand. When I showed them my Parking Panda reservation they immediately recognized it and told me exactly where to go. They just looked at the pass and they showed us right where to park. It was very easy and the people at the parking lot thankfully knew exactly what I was referring to so I didn’t have any issues.

How was your day at the Zoo? Did you have fun?

My son was with me. He’s a toddler and school was closed. He had a great time at the zoo. We had to visit the Pandas of course but before we could do anything he had to have a Panda. We had to go buy a stuffed Panda for him. He wanted to see the wild cats and I think that was really a nice section, he probably liked that part the most. They had a lot of interactive things for the tigers, he was playing with those displays.

I see that you parked in our location at our location at 500 C St SW location the next day, how was that experience?

We were going to the National Mall to see the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History. We ended up going to the National Museum of African Art as well. They actually have a carousel in that area so we did that with my son. There was a little garden by the art museum and the cherry blossoms were blooming, it was a really beautiful day.

How was your experience at that garage?

I thought that the location that we picked seem fairly close and the price was reasonable.

We wanted to make sure that we would have a space because we would be getting there around 12:00pm. It was incredibly easy, you just enter the garage and find your space. I don’t have a smartphone so I had to take a screenshot of my reservation on my iTouch. But there was no problem, they were still able to scan my QR code.

What do you like to do on the weekends in New York City?

We go to the playground, sometimes we go to the Bronx Zoo. In the summer we tend to go to Coney Island, amusement parks. The nice thing about New York is that we are a cultural center, there are a lot of different activities for families and we take advantage of that.

Do you ever drive in NYC or do you take the metro/train?

Yes I do drive in the city, quite often. I haven’t had the need to use Parking Panda in the city because we generally find parking on the street. As a matter of fact we have an event coming up at Lincoln Center coming up and I plan on using Parking Panda for that. We’re headed to a “Family Saturday” at the New York City Ballet, and we like to take my son to these little events when we can.

What is the parking situation like in New York if you can’t find a spot on the street?

It can be expensive, as a matter of fact we went to the Central Park Zoo last weekend, if I hadn’t printed out a coupon the parking would have been $70. We didn’t think to use Parking Panda. Next time I’ll definitely make sure to use it. For us it’s just convenient to drive in New York because we’ve got the stroller and stuff like that. We’re like maybe the odd New Yorkers, we’ll take mass transit when we can but we have more freedom when you drive.

What does your morning commute look like?

In the morning I usually walk to the train station, a 10 minute walk. Then luckily on a good day my commute on the train is about 50 minutes. Since I am so far uptown I always get a seat so it’s really not that bad.

What other apps do you have on your device?

I look at Twitter, and participate in Facebook. Sometime I feel like they’re time wasters. I like to read things though. I have this app on my iTouch called Pocket. Sometimes you come across articles at work but you don’t have time at work to read it, so I will download it to my Pocket and then read it later on the train during the commute. I read comics on my Kindle, or play games. I was playing the Walking Dead game for a little bit as well.

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