Meet Bethany, Our May Customer of The Month!

Parking Panda’s Customer of Month for May is Bethany M., a diehard Nationals fan who has already attended 10 baseball games this year. Bethany came to Parking Panda in April from the dark depths of traditional parking payment. After seeing the light, she has been able to reserve guaranteed parking spots for each baseball game at a location of her choice, which allows her to avoid those awful traffic jams at the end of the game. She specifically likes that Parking Panda enables users to link their credit card to our website or app, which means no last minute trips to the ATM on the way to the ballpark. Bethany has high hopes for the surging Nationals this year and would like to see them play deep into October. Without further ado, let’s meet Bethany M..

How has Parking Panda changed your gameday experience?

We really like it because we always used to forget to get cash before we went to games. And it’s really nice that we can pay online and it’s attached to a credit card. We used to always to forget to get cash before we went to games. So it’s really nice that you can attach a credit card. We used to always have to stop at an ATM before the games, like without fail one of us would be like “oh we don’t have any cash”. Also being able to plan ahead has been fantastic. We always know where we are headed and we can swap things around if something changes. Having a guaranteed parking spot waiting for you has been nice

It looks like you have a favorite parking location at 1244 S Capitol Street SW. Tell us more about your experience there.

It’s right across the street from the park, we get in, we’re right there. we don’t have far to walk if it’s raining or chillier. And then at the end of the evening we don’t have far to walk to get back into our car, we can get out pretty quickly.

How do you redeem your reservation at this parking location?

I have both printed out my reservation and shown it on my phone. Sometimes the attendant does a bit better if you print it out, which isn’t a problem for me. He’s done fine with having it on the phone as well, he just has to write down the confirmation number. 

Have you used Parking Panda in any other contexts? Maybe during a trip to downtown DC or a different city?

I have not yet, but I just started using it in April. I’ve definitely told others about it. I told one of my coworkers about it. He was headed to a Wizards game and I told him about Parking Panda and he went on there and used the app for the game. He knew where he was parking for the game so that helped him out a lot.

It looks like you’ve been to a bunch of games already. What’s the best game you’ve been to so far?

We’ve seen a couple of the walk offs, we were there when Yunel had 5 hits in one game. We’ve been there for some good wins and also some really bad losses.

Did you get to Opening Day?

No, we didn’t have tickets for that day, we went the second day which was actually better because we got the win. They lost on opening day, and it was really nice out. The second day it was raining but they won, so that was better.

It seems like you’re a huge baseball fan, what’s the outlook for the Nationals this year?

We are definitely going to the World Series, I am so sure of it! In the beginning we started off a little slow with some of our players being hurt, but now that everybody is getting back and the new players are making their mark, it’s nice to see the team keep up some of the momentum that they had from last season.

I saw that Bryce Harper went deep again last night. That’s 18 on the year!

Yes! He’s on top of the world right now. I love Bryce Harper, he’s definitely young and has some real potential. He’s now showing us what he’s capable of. He clearly expects a lot of himself.

Do you have any pro tips for saving money at the ballpark or having a better experience?

We generally bring water with us, which is a big money saver. I don’t eat the peanuts but my Dad does. He will buy them at the store instead which saves him a bunch of money. 

What about a favorite restaurant inside the park?

I’m really liking the new grilled cheese place, I think it’s called “Throwing Cheese”? And then I’ve always enjoyed “Fluffy Thoughts”, it’s a cupcake place.

How have you digitized your life outside of Parking Panda? Do you use any other apps or services?

I definitely am a big fan of Facebook to get information from, as well as Twitter, especially on game days. Sometimes something will happen on the field and we have no idea what just went down so it’s nice to check those to find out. 

I do enjoy Uber, in terms of the ease of using that system. I went to New Orleans this year and we were always having to get cabs and use cash, so it’s always nice to have that flexibility when you don’t have a car. 

We use the BallPark app from MLB, which helps guide you around the ballparks when you’re at the ballparks. We’re headed to Chicago in a few weeks and we plan on going to see a Cubs game. I plan on using the app a lot that day to kind of find a way around to see where food and drinks are that day.

Have you seen any movies lately?

I saw Pitch Perfect 2, that was definitely a lot of fun. I’ve actually seen it twice already. 

What kind of music do you like?

My favorite singer is Jason Mraz. I enjoy that kind of thing, I call them “Boys with Guitars”, that genre. I like pretty much everything but he’s my favorite. I’ve seen him in concert like 20 times.

Thanks so much, Bethany. We had a great time getting to know you better. Thank you for your time!

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