How to Outsmart Winter Storm Jonas

The forecast is in. Winter Storm Jonas is expected to punish us on the East Coast. While meteorologists, pseudo meteorologists, and your next door neighbor are calling for anywhere from 18 to 30 inches of snow, only a few are reporting on how to prep before getting pummeled by the 100-year record-breaking blizzard. Just like you, we want to know what to do with our car, what we should stock up on, and is milk really a purchase that I should get at the store?


1. Yeah...Don’t Buy Milk. Like everyone else you’ve gone to the grocery store to stock up on milk, eggs, food that goes into your refrigerator. Unless you have a generator, or are planning on putting your perishable groceries into the snow, buy dry goods like bread, peanut butter, etc. Basically your weekend is going to be like camping out in the wilderness. And you should try to accept that the electricity is likely to go out. Wind gusts are expected to get up to 60 mph, which means down power lines and tree branches taking out power lines.

Here are some dry goods, winter storm survival purchases you should strongly consider:

  • Firewood or a Bunsen burner/Sterno cans for warmth or food prep. Note: You can roast marshmallows #instantsmores.
  • Gas. You may need to run your car on so you can charge important electronics (or to stay warm if your electricity goes out).
  • Bottled water. Or you can fill up your bathtub(s) with water.
  • Booze. Yes a flask of whiskey will keep you warm in the winter elements, but make sure you stay hydrated with water (to keep from dehydration, and because we don’t want you to get a hangover).
  • Toilet paper and paper towels, cause #youneverknow.
  • Blankets and towels. If you’ve gathered blankets and noticed that you’re on short supply, get a few more to make sure you and your family stay warm in the event that the electricity goes out.
  • Extra medication, and taking the time to stock up on first-aid supplies. Go get that prescription if you're almost out, and keep that first-aid kit handy, we could be snowed in for three to five days.
  • Extra flashlights and batteries. If the power goes out, a trip down the stairs could mean a trip to the emergency room.
The American Red Cross has additional tips on how to prepare for a winter storm. Download their Emergency App by going here.

2. Get Your Car Off Snow Emergency Routes. One thing’s for certain: Local governments are going to want to clear roadways as fast as possible. That means road treatment to prevent black ice prior to Jonas’ arrival (and the plowing of snow once the storm starts). Why keep your car on the road to get beat up by the winter elements, or spend hours digging out, when you can keep it in a dry garage or parking location?

Parking Panda created special promo for drivers in the path of Jonas. Park your car in a dry garage before the storm hits and save the trouble of clearing two feet of snow off your car! Use code ESCAPEJONAS to save $5 off your reservation when you book by January 23rd (Offer valid in the following locations only: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, Newark, NJ) All drivers can book parking by going here. (If there are any questions, drivers can contact us at 800.232.6415 or email

3. If You’ve Gotta Shovel... You left your car on the street and ignored our advice, or maybe you need to clear that driveway or sidewalk outside of your house. Chances are you’re going to be spending one to two hours shoveling snow. Let's make sure you do it smartly. First, plastic shovels are the worse, and have a tendency of breaking when placed under extreme weight. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, order one of these now (and make sure to buy the salt in a duo package):