How Big of a Problem is Parking?

Here at Parking Panda, we talk a lot about the burden of parking and the detriment it can be on an individual’s schedule. This should come as no surprise considering our company’s primary goal is to make parking easier. However, that often leads to the question; Is finding parking that large of an issue?

It could be argued that the answer to that question relies on factors unique to each situation, that are too numerous for us to even begin to analyze. So, in order to look at it in any relevant context we have to look at the average and thankfully a study done by IBM has done that already.

According to the study, individuals worldwide spend, on average, 20 minutes looking for a parking space. We can only speak for ourselves, but we feel it is a pretty safe assumption that no one has an extra twenty minutes to spare looking for parking.

In addition, the U.S. census estimates that there are 103 million commercial parking spaces in the United States. When coupled with the fact that an estimated 200 million Americans have a drivers license, it means that there are barely enough parking spaces available for half of all U.S. drivers.

At this point, parking becomes as simple as supply and demand. There simply are not enough spaces for everyone that needs to park their vehicle. This issue is central to why our company exists. We believe that our method of reserving a guaranteed space in advance is a superior method of helping individuals find that one in 103 million parking spaces.

So let Parking Panda help you get ahead of the curve and get your piece of that limited supply. Best of all, when you reserve your spot with Parking Panda your space is guaranteed.

Don’t try to type and eat bamboo, just trust me on this one.

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