Driving To The Super Bowl? Read This First!

So, you pulled the trigger on tickets to the Super Bowl. And now, you're driving to Houston to support your team on football's biggest stage. 

With so much hype surrounding the event, finding a convenient, reasonably priced parking spot near NRG Stadium or in downtown Houston might not be on your list of things to take care of, but it should be. 

Some websites are listing parking spaces for the game for as much as $4700! And while it's not difficult to find a spot for $100, you can do much better

We'll tell you how.

Find The Best Super Bowl Parking

There are over 3000 spaces available for reservation through Parking Panda, ranging in price, distance from the stadium, and amenities offered. Take a quick look at a few of our best parking locations below: 

- This location is a mile away from the stadium, but offers shuttle service for a small fee.

- Parking here is available as early as Monday of Super Bowl week (1/30). 

HSR Event Center - Super Bowl Parking for $51

- Located 15-minutes away from the NRG Stadium by foot

- Pro-tip: You must print out your reservation at this location

- Only a half-mile away from the stadium

- A valet attendant will park your car for you!

7778 Knight Rd - Game day parking for $76
- Tailgating permitted!

**all prices above are subject to change

Find Parking in Downtown Houston

The football game itself is only part of the allure of attending a Super Bowl in Houston. Known for its festive events in the week prior, the Super Bowl brings massive crowds and visitors to its host city each year. 

Finding parking in downtown Houston will be difficult, but imagine if you had a spot waiting for you? Take a look at all of our options in the heart of downtown, and save yourself a space:

The city of Houston will also increase the capacity of its public transit system on the week of the event, ferrying fans to and from the downtown area as well as NRG Stadium itself. You can save a few dollars on gameday by parking in downtown Houston and taking a shuttle to the stadium

Still have questions about the best parking spot for you? Give our customer support team a call at 1-800-232-6415. We'd be glad to help you out!

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