Parking Panda Celebrates Earth Day 2015

Parking Panda is excited to celebrate Earth Day 2015. We are commited to doing our part in promoting awareness and making environmentally-conscious decisions year-round. Check out our impact as well as our special Parking Panda promotion for Earth Day 2015! 

Let's Reduce Waste: Gas, Exhaust Output, Paper 

Did you know drivers spend as much as 30% of travel time cruising for a parking spot? This amounts to 47,000 gallons of gas wasted per 15-block area. That all equates to 100s of thousands of gallons in major cities! 

According to “Cruising for parking happens as drivers circle an area or parking lot looking for a parking space.  It is a phenomena caused by free and under priced curb parking in locations where there is high demand for parking. Cruising for parking angers drivers, increases traffic congestion and air pollution, and wastes gasoline and time.”

Parking Reform also discusses sixteen studies performed by Professor Donald Shoup conducted between 1927 and 2001 “The studies showed that between 8 and 75% of the traffic on the streets (in the study areas) were cruising for parking.  Taking data from all the studies, on average about 30% of the cars were looking for parking.”

Parking reservations can directly reduce this number as parkers that reserve in advance know exactly where they are going, directly reducing driving times and exhaust output. 

No more circling around for the best parking deal

With the new installations of PandaScan scanners nationwide, customers can also help reduce paper waste by simply using their smartphone to scan in and out of the garage - forget receipts or even those pesky tickets at the garage! 

Exclusive Earth Day Parking Panda Discount

As part of the Green Parking Council, Parking Panda understands the environmental impact of parking. This is not an easy problem to solve, but we do everything we can to help. In the spirit of this important day, enjoy special savings while donating to a great cause. As a reminder, we have daily, monthly and event parking in over 40 cities, so we've got you covered for all your favorite stuff (and work, too). Get it while the getting is “doing good!”

Use Promo Code EARTHDAY15 to save 15% on your next parking reservation until April 30th.

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