Dupont Circle Parking Made Easy

We know, we know - driving in DC can be a nightmare at times. Traffic, one-way streets, rush-hour! Throw in a ton of pedestrians and traffic lights and driving around popular destinations like Dupont Circle can equal a major headache. If you're planning on driving down to Dupont Circle, there is one problem Parking Panda can solve for you - parking! Read on for our best tips for driving and parking at Dupont Circle. 

Dupont Circle refers to the actual traffic circle as well as the neighborhood/district in DC. Major roads that intersect the cirlce including Massachusettes Ave NW, New Hampshire Ave NW, 19th St. NW, and P St. NW.  

Parking Panda has over 15 parking locations within 5 minutes of walking distance to Dupont Circle. That means whether you're looking to park near one of many restaurants or museums, Parking Panda has the options to fit your needs. 

Take a look at the interactive map below: 

Make your trip to Dupont Circle, Washington, DC, United States stress-free with a guaranteed parking spot
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Parking Garages Near Dupont Circle

Parking Panda has over 25 parking facilities within a ~5 min walk to the Dupont traffic Circle. Within the Dupont Circle neighborhood, there are over 40 choices within 0.5 mi! However, just sheer number of options isn't all Parking Panda has to offer - we also have exclusive online/app-only deals that are guaranteed to be cheaper than without a Parking Panda reservation! 

For example, all-day 9-5pm parking at a covered-garage can cost as low as $10 (rate is cheaper through Parking Panda than drive-up) at a garage on 19th Street NW, just three blocks away from the traffic circle. 

Looking for the most convenient, closest parking at Dupont Circle? Check out the garage off of Dupont Circle, at 21 Dupont Circle NW. This facility frequently sells out but your space is 100% guaranteed with Parking Panda. 

Dupont Circle Street Parking

Many streets crossing Dupont Circle are one-way streets. This makes street parking very scarce and hard to find. Even if you get lucky and find a space, strict street-parking rules restrict non-resident parkers to park for 2 hours in the zone. Keep in mind that on street-cleaning days, towing is strictly enforced. Pay attention to signs posted! 

Note: Metered parking can be enforced by zone! Even if you feed the meter, if there is a 2-hr restriction in the zone, that means you cannot be in the same zone after the 2-hr limit is up. You may still get a ticket! Simply switching spaces is against the rules as well - remember your zone and after the limit, you must move out of the zone if you need to continue parking. 

Parking Tickets - did you know in 2013 alone, over 1.7 million tickets were issued for parking meter violations? Although paying the parking meters is easier than ever, the strict zone laws make it hard to follow all the rules. Tickets are pricey, be sure to follow all rules and if you find yourself running out to feed the meter, remember if you're parked in a residential-zoned area (many highly populated areas are zoned), you cannot simply feed the meter or move the car across the street! You must leave the zone, find a parking garage/lot, or risk getting a pricey ticket. 

Handicap Accessible Parking

With a legal disabled tag or placard, handicapped drivers may park in meterd or time-restricted parking for double the posted time. All other rules regarding prohibitive parking areas still apply. 

Important note - disability placards or permits from any other states are accepted. 


Here at Parking Panda, we understand parking can be a tricky thing. It can make or break your day! Often times, street parking is simply too scarce and difficult to find. Even if you find a metered parking spot, you most likely have 2 hours max to be in that specific spot and zone. Parking Panda is excited to bring you the options that won't break the bank, with exclusive Parking Panda-only discounts (marked in green) that are guaranteed to be cheaper than drive-up. 

We're continually working to make parking the easiest part of your day. Be sure to check out our PandaScan locations where you can make a reservation and use our free app (download for iOS or Android today!) to simply scan in and scan out of the garage. 

Parking Panda has over 250 garages and lots just in Washington, D.C. Download the app today and master DC Parking like a pro! 

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