Decode Baltimore Parking Signs

Navigate the streets of Baltimore like a pro by keeping note of the city's parking signs! With over 300,000 parking tickets issued annually in Baltimore, it's worth taking the time to understand the on-street parking regulations!

Photo by M.O. Stevens/CC BY 2.0

The Parking Authority of the City of Baltimore enforces the following street regulations:

No Stopping/Parking

Drivers must abide by multiple No Stopping zones in Baltimore. No stopping is permitted at the end of streets in order for drivers to see when turning. Stopping in a No Stop zone can result in one of several parking fines. A No Stop/Nighttime ticket will cost you $77, a No Stop/Out of Parking Meters or Stand Tow-away Zone $52, or a No Stop/Stand not Tow-away zone $32.  Further, stopping in a handicap only zone is not permitted. Stopping or parking in a handicap spot will result in a $502 parking ticket. There are also several No Stopping zones located at popular Baltimore sites including Pimlico and Camden Yards. No Stop/Park-Pimlico Area tickets and No Stop/Parking Stadium Event-Camden Yard Stadium Complex tickets are $102. 

Passenger and Truck Loading Zones

There are designated Passenger Loading Zones and Truck Loading Zones in Baltimore. These areas are meant solely for the pick-up and drop-off of passengers or goods. When someone wrongfully parks their car in these zones, the efficient process is disrupted. Parking in a Passenger or Truck Loading Zone will result in a $32 parking ticket. 

Reserved Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is reserved for those with registered handicapped plates or parking permits. Handicap parking is designated clearly in blue and often with the handicap logo of a person in a wheelchair. Parking in handicap-only parking areas will result in a hefty $502 parking ticket. 

Metered Parking

Most street parking in Baltimore requires meter payment. Metered parking often has a limit of 4 hours and charges $2 an hour. Baltimore meters accept coins or credit cards and must be fed 360 days a year. You do not need to feed parking meters in Baltimore on New Year's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Other than these 5 holidays, exceeding the meter limit or not paying the meter will result in a $32 parking ticket. 

The full list of Baltimore parking fines can be found here. You'll need to be attentive and pay close attention to street signs and parking regulations to avoid parking fines in Baltimore. Another option available is to reserve Baltimore parking with Parking Panda. Parking Panda is excited to provide you with garage and lot parking options close to Baltimore venues. With your Parking Panda reservation, you can be sure your car will be parked safely and not at risk of receiving a parking ticket!

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