Congratulations to Nick Miller, 2015 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist

We are excited to announce that Nick Miller, our very own CEO and co-founder, is a finalist for the 2015 Maryland EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Check out the interview below to find out more! 

"Everything we build is built for our customers. We believe in that so much that every new employee spends their first two days working with our customer service team. It doesn’t matter what you do—you could be an engineer, you could be in marketing. You spend your first days working with our customer service team, so that you really understand the problems that our consumers face."

–Nick Miller

We couldn't agree more with Nick's customer-first attitude. From quick responses from our CS team to implementing better directions and images on every Parking Panda location, every department is dedicated to making sure our customers have a great experience. 

With business-minded parents and an early introduction to the start-up world, Nick made the jump from working at Living Social to start Parking Panda with co-founder, Adam Zilberbaum. As a duo, Nick and Adam lead Parking Panda from a company of two to 27-strong! 

From countless updates to our platform to a completely redesigned app (available on iOS and Android), we have made great strides to making parking completely hassle-free. Still, we can't help but feel the best is yet to come!

"There’s one app on your phone for parking: Parking Panda. So when you need to go on your phone and see where you’re going to go, you hop in your car and it recognizes that that is the lot you are going to, navigates you there, you can get out, you know, get a notification of how long you have been there, pay more if you need to—right from your phone. The discovery, the reservation (if it’s relevant), the payments, and even the access—the ability to let your car in and out of the garage—are all controlled by a single platform and that’s the direction we’re building towards. That’s how the industry will ultimately play out and we have an opportunity to be a big part of that. We want to be a part of that as much as we can."

Winner will be announced at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Gala on June 25th in Baltimore. Follow Parking Panda on Facebook and Twitter to follow the story! See the rest of the interview at citybizlist

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