Chicago Overnight Parking Ban Starts Today

Did you know that the Chicago overnight parking ban went into effect today? By sunrise this morning, several cars throughout Chicago were towed due to the seasonal overnight parking ban. Prepare yourself by reviewing the rules and keeping a lookout for all posted signs. Keep reading to find out more about the overnight parking ban! 

No parking from 3-7 AM

The Chicago overnight parking ban will affect over 100 miles of streets throughout the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. The ban will be enforced from 3 AM until 7 AM everyday, regardless of weather. The ban will be lifted on April 1st, 2016. 

All impacted streets will have permanent signs posted. Look for the blue snowflake sign! 

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More than 2 inches of snow? No parking anytime! 

If there is more than 2 inches of snow, avoid parking on the overnight ban streets, regardless of the time. However, the 2-inch snow parking ban doesn't affect all streets - this rule is enforced on the same overnight seasonal parking restriction streets. 

Chicago Parking Tickets and Tows

If you violate the parking ban, your vehicle will be towed to an impound lot at 701 North Sacramento Avenue or at 10301 South Doty Avenue. Call 311 to find out where your vehicle is located. A minimum of $150 towing fee, $60 ticket, and a storage fee of $20/day will be enforced. 

If you need overnight parking in Chicago, a safe option is to park indoors in a garage. Don't risk a $200+ fine by parking on the wrong street! Keep a close eye out for all posted signs and be sure to follow all rules posted. If you're looking for an overnight parking option in a garage, check out the overnight parking options in Chicago by adjusting the calendar to fit your needs. 

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