Check Out the Worst Commuting Cities in the US!

We know commuting can be a pain. Did you know that just in the year of 2015, US commuters spent 8 BILLION hours in traffic? Recently, the traffic data company, INRIX, released the 2015 Traffic Scorecard for cities around the world. Check out the Business Insider video that highlights the US traffic data info below. 

The top ten cities in the US with the worst commuting traffic are: 

1. Los Angeles
2. Washington DC
3. San Francisco
4. Houston
5. New York City
6. Seattle
7. Boston
8. Chicago
9. Atlanta
10. Honolulu

A driver in Washington, D.C., for example, wasted an average of 75 hours in traffic in 2015! For more information, please check out the INRIX 2015 Traffic Scorecard.  

Outsmart the crowd with technology

Technology is helping relieve the traffic issue. Waze, is a free navigation app will show you routes to your destination that may be shorter than your usual route. It uses traffic data from other Waze users to show to you where roads are congested.

Did you know up to 30% city traffic at any point can be attributed to drivers looking for parking? Whether it's circling blocks or simply driving around for available parking garages, looking for parking can be painful for everyone in traffic. The convenient Parking Panda app allows you to find and book guaranteed parking space even before you get to your destination! 

Although we don't have parking in Honolulu, we do have great options for the other top commuting cities in the US. Be sure to check out your city. 

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