Boston Opera House Parking Guide

The Boston Opera House is one of Boston’s most famous and popular theater venues.  Designed in the popular vaudeville style, the Opera House is an opulent monument to the extravagance of the Roaring Twenties. When it first opened in 1928, the Opera House was both a movie theater and a vaudeville performance theater.  The theater transitioned vaudeville shows out and soon, it was known only as a movie theater. 

 It survived the Depression and was one of Boston’s leading movie theaters until the 1950s.  In the decades following the 50s, the Opera House changed owners and eventually closed as a movie theater in 1980.  The theater was then bought by the Opera Company of Boston and renamed the Boston Opera House.  This opera company collapsed in the 1990s and the theater was abandoned.  In 2002, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino began championing a campaign to renovate and re-open the Boston Opera House.  The nearly $38 million renovation was completed in 2004 and the Opera House re-opened with a sold-out vaudeville tribute show.  Today, the Opera House is home to the Boston Ballet and is Broadway Across America venue.  It is one of the staples of Boston’s lively theater district and attracts thousands of people to see it’s performances every year.  

The Opera House is located in the heart of downtown Boston and Boston drivers are notoriously aggressive with their driving.  This can make parking very stressful.  Luckily, Parking Panda is here to help!  Save time and stress by reserving your parking ahead of time with Parking Panda.  We have 9 parking locations within easy walking distance of the Opera House.  Enjoy the show at the Opera House and let Parking Panda take care of the rest.  

Street Parking Boston

The Boston parking meters are in operation from 8am-8pm, Monday-Saturday.  the meters charge $1.25/hour or $.25 for 12 minutes.  Boston Meter Cards can be used at 7000 select locations.  The cards are sold in $5, $25, $50, $75, and $100 denominations.  For more information on how to buy a meter card, please click here.  All meters accept coins and select meters accept coins as well as credit/debit cards.  All single space meters have a 2 hour time limit.  You can continue to feed the meter after your initial 2 hours, but you cannot pay more than two hours in advance.  For more information, please visit the City of Boston website.  Be sure to follow the rules and parking limits posted on the street.  Your car will get ticketed or towed if you break the rules.  

Boston Opera House-Owned Parking

The Opera House does not own any specific parking garages.  There are a number of parking locations near the theater in the Theater District/Downtown Crossing area that they suggest.  These options can be on the Boston Opera House website, under the “Attending a Show” tab.  Since these lots are not Opera House specific, they are shared with the general public.  It is a good idea to reserve parking in advance.  

100% Guaranteed Pre-Booked Parking Options

When you book ahead with Parking Panda, your parking is 100% guaranteed! Here are some of our suggested parking locations.  

Handicap Accessible Parking

Most of our parking locations are handicap accessible.  Some of our closest locations include:

660 Washington Street (.1 miles away ~ closest)

1 Federal Street (.3 miles away)

100 High Street (.3 miles away ~ cheapest)

For more handicap accessible parking options, go to our website and look for locations with the “handicap accessible” icon.

24/7 Parking Options

If you need to leave your car for the entire day, here are some locations that allow for all-day parking.  

1 Federal Street (.3 miles away~cheapest & closest)

115 Purchase Street (.5 miles away ~ cheapest)

2 Battery Wharf (1.0 mile away)

For more 24/7 parking options, go to our website and look for locations with the 24/7 icon.  

Overnight Parking Options

If you need to park your car overnight, we have many options available. Here are some of our suggestions.  

1 Federal Street (.3 miles away~cheapest & closest)

115 Purchase Street (.5 miles away ~ cheapest)

2 Battery Wharf (1.0 mile away)

For more overnight parking options, got to our website and look for locations with the “overnight parking” icon.  

Happy parking and enjoy the Boston Opera House!

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