Best Tips to Follow When Parking in a Major City

Parking in a major city can be a stressful situation for anyone. Whether you're parking in a garage or on the street, follow these tips to ensure the best parking experience for all!

Be Aware

Keep track of what others are doing around you! Though you may know what you're doing, others might not. Whether its on the street or in a lot, people are dangerous drivers especially when it comes to grabbing the seemingly only parking space. Keep your eyes peeled for a parking space but also for the crazy drivers!  

Give Yourself Room

When parking, make sure you give yourself plenty of room. When parallel parking on the street, make sure you have a good sense of the size of the vehicle. If the spot only has room for a SmartCar, don't be that guy trying to shimmy your SUV into the space. When you're parking in a garage, park away from the crowds! You'll be far less likely to get a ding in your door if you park further away. You won't have to worry about opening your door into another car or someone possibly doing that to your car!

Be Courteous

Use the Golden Rule while parking, people. Park in the lines, don't take up two spaces. You'd be ticked if you saw someone else did it and you lost a spot out of it so don't do it to someone else! Even if you do park over the lines, someone desperate still might squeeze next to you, only increasing your chances of ending up with a scratch or dent on your car!

Quit Hoggin' It!

Remember that not everyone is excited as you when you find a parking spot. Don't stop traffic for minutes with your blinker on waiting for the car to leave the desired spot. Try to move as close to the side as you can to let others pass. Keep in mind that the driver in the spot might be taking his sweet time leaving so you can't always rely on them! You just might have to move on to find a new spot before the honks at you get too loud!

Use Your Brain

When parking in a major city, it is easy to lose track of where you parked! Take a good look of your surroundings before you leave your car so you'll be able to find it. If you really struggle to remember where you parked, there are phone apps that can lead you back to your car!

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