Podcasts Offer Entertainment, Education on Drive to Work.

The rise of podcasts in past years has filled a niche for spoken word entertainment in a time where quality radio shows can be few and far between. The average commute time to work in the United States is over 25 minutes each way, and many have looked to podcasts for entertainment during this time. But where to start?

Our team has accumulated a list of podcasts that we've been listening to lately. Ease the burden of your commute and hop into the podcast game.

Planet Money

Planet Money aims to break down complex topical economic events into common talk through the lens of fun, interesting real life case studies. A recent episode breaks down why the United States is adopting credit cards with micro chips in them, when they have been available to the world for decades. Episodes generally hover around 20 minutes in length, meaning you can crush an entire subject before you even step foot in the office. 

TED Radio Hour

Techology, Education, Design, or "TED". Exploring a range of fascinating topics, this podcast is largely a continuation of the "TED Talks" series that is devoted to "ideas worth spreading". Hosted by NPR frontman Guy Raz, the podcast touches on new schools of thought in a variety of areas. A perfect listen for anyone looking for some inspiration. 

The Moment

From Brian Koppelman, the producer of movies "Ocean's Thirteen", "Rounders", and "The Illusionist", comes the hit podcast "The Moment". Koppelman sits down with a different famous athlete or creative mind each week to gain insight into their lives and pinpoint crucial moments throughout their careers that allowed them to achieve success. 

The Ringer

Ex-ESPN personality Bill Simmons dove headfirst into his own ventures, "The Ringer" being the spoken word offshoot of those efforts. This podcast mirrors what Simmons created in his "Grantland" project at ESPN, a sports centered production that also focuses on movies, food, and other pop-culture topics. A well-rounded, creative show that's totally deserving of your time. 

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me

NPR's classic interactive quiz-style podcast invites listeners to call in and answer questions live and on the air. Participants should be up to date on the week's current events if they're looking to have success with this podcast.

99% Invisible

Design is all around us, but how often do we notice it? 99% Invisible lifts the veil on the methodology behind design as it related to architecture, objects, infrastructure, technology and more. 


Looking for more? Here's a few suggestions that might be interesting. 

Radio Lab: A classic NPR podcast covering a unique social, political, or scientific topic each week. 

Stuff You Should Know:  From two senior editors at HowStuffWorks.com comes the podcast that drops knowledge about things you never thought you'd need to know, until you actually know them. 

Myths and Legends: Merlin, King Arthur, Aladdin and Robin Hood. You're familiar with the stories, but what do you know about their origins? Feed your imagination while you a navigate a tranced commute.

How to Listen:

Stitcher is an app that enables users to keep all of their favorite podcasts in one place. Create news playlists for your morning commute, or a more fun queue for the weekends. Looking for fresh new podcast ideas? Stitcher will offer suggestions for podcasts that fit your interests. A perfect app for anyone constantly on the go. 

A long commute can add an unpleasant element to each work day. Maximize your time in the car with a bit of self-improvement or simple entertainment. 

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