Meet Patrick R., Our Customer of the Month for April!

Parking Panda is delighted to welcome Patrick R. as our Customer of the Month for April. Parking Panda recently launched service in Toronto, Ontario and Patrick immediately took advantage. An avid Toronto Raptors fan, Patrick saves a few dollars and streamlines his parking experience every time he heads to to the Air Canada Centre by reserving parking ahead of time. 

Hear what Patrick has to say about where to park to avoid traffic jams, how rap superstar Drake has helped out the Raptors, and how much he saves annually by making use of our service. 

How did you find out about Parking Panda? I see that you've used us on a regular basis since 2015. 

My wife found out about it. Someone told her about Parking Panda and said that we could save a few bucks every time that we go downtown.

Why do you make use of our service?

We end up downtown for sporting events maybe 40-50 times a year and need a place to park. When I prepay for parking I know that there's a spot waiting for me, rather than find out that the guy outside says that they're full. Paying at the garage would cost $20, I've been paying $16 with Parking Panda. The reservations are easy to set up. I can be bought, saving $150-$200 each year with no effort is fine with me. 

What was your parking experience like at these games before you started using Parking Panda?

I was a little more organized than most people I think. I knew which office buildings to head towards. I was aware that these office buildings had available parking after 5:00pm. 

I've had an experience where I had to drop people off at the Air Canada Centre and then find parking. I had to drive around for 15-20 minutes hopefully trying to find something and coming to grips with how expensive it can be. The first time someone tells you $40 you say, oh forget it. But then 10 minutes later when you're still driving around that starts to sound like a good deal. 

You typically like to park at the Royal Bank Plaza, why do you chose this garage?

I was familiar with the Royal Bank Plaza and knew that there was parking there. I was already using this garage and Parking Panda just made it that much more convenient. The other thing about parking in this city is that the garage we use is just the right distance so that we can walk to them and they are just far enough so that we get beyond the traffic clog that the stadiums inevitably create. 

What's the parking scene like in downtown Toronto, can it be hectic at times?

Over towards the Rodgers Centre where the Jays play, that seems to be a little more crowded. Of course they're trying to seat 40,000 people over there.  Sometimes the Raptors and the Jays play at the same time and in roughly the same area. Parking can be more competitive for those games but I know that I've got a spot waiting for me. 

Getting to and from the game is the biggest sticking point for me. I prefer not to take the subway if I can take my car. By knowing exactly where I'm parking and knowing that there's a spot waiting for me, that means taking the car is an easy decision for me. 

Walk me through a typical purchasing process. How do you purchase and redeem your reservation?

Usually I purchase the parking pass within an hour before heading downtown. It really doesn't take any time at all. I make the reservation on the desktop. I'm already logged into my account and my payment information is saved. I can just download the confirmation email from my phone, sometimes I print out the reservation. And I can just scan the reservation to get in. 

Do you have a favorite player on the Raptors?

Everybody loves DeRozan and Lowrie. They have a great team this year. What I really like is that they all seem like they're friends. They seem particularly tight and the team spirit is tremendous. It's nice to see them want each other to do well. 

Rap superstar Drake is a huge Raptors fan. Are you familiar with him and his association with the team?

Yeah! He was there last night. That was a really smart marketing move. It's a great combination. Call it a coincidence but it seems like the energy and the enthusiasm in the city has gone up since Drake got connected with the team. I'm by far not his target audience. It's always nice to see him in the house in his floor seat right there. 

What type of music do you like?

My favorite would be Jersey Rock. Bruce Springsteen and Southside Jonny. 

Have you seen any good movies lately?

The Martian.

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