Meet John F., Our July Customer of the Month!

Parking Panda is excited to announce that John F. is our Customer of the Month for July. John has made use of our service to secure convenient, guaranteed season parking for Atlanta Falcons football games. After learning about Parking Panda from a parking attendant at his usual parking deck, John signed up for our service in order lock in his parking rates for the rest of the season and make his game day experience just a bit easier. John drives to each Falcons game knowing that no matter how busy downtown Atlanta is, a parking spot will be awaiting his arrival.

Without further ado, let's take some time to meet John F.!

How did you learn about Parking Panda?

We were at the CNN Parking Deck which is not too far from the Georgia Dome. We had paid one day for a preseason game and saw someone using a slip of paper to enter the garage. I asked the attendant if it was a free pass, and he replied that it was Parking Panda! He told me that Parking Panda sells season passes for the Falcons game. I did some research and looked you guys up online. It was great to get a set price and a guaranteed spot for the Falcons game. 

Can finding a spot for the game be a problem? Has this parking garage ever been full before you used Parking Panda?

Crowded and sometimes going on full. The Georgia Dome is directly across from the Phillips Arena, there have been times when there were two events going on at the same time that can cause parking to be in high demand. The garage can be full and also they raise the price on those dates, so it can be more expensive to park when that happens. 

Have you saved money by using Parking Panda for Falcons games?

Yes, normally the price at the garage is $20. Two times last year we pulled up and the price was $30. We were locked into our $20 rate because we had reserved ahead of time. 

Any other reasons why you make use of Parking Panda?

The convenience to know that your parking is taken care of for your the year. It's one less thing to worry about, you know you've got your spot for each game.

Have you ever tried to redeem your parking reservation by using your smartphone?

We've always handed them a piece of paper. I've had it ready on my phone a couple of times. I'll give that a try sometime this year. 

What is the worst parking experience that you've had for Falcons games? Any disasters?

I'm not sure if it's a disaster but before they did some of the improvements, there's a parking lot directly next to the CNN Center called The Gulch. For years it wasn't paved. If it rained and you went down there you would find yourself walking through a lot of mud. That would probably be the worst. 

What about the dreaded postgame traffic? Have you learned to navigate that?

It can be. We've learned some tricks to get out. Having this particular parking lot has actually helped us a great deal getting onto the interstate from the game. 

Do you have any tips for fans attending the game? 

If the Falcons are playing a team whose fans travel well, like the Steelers or the Bears, or the Giants you want to make sure that you get there a little early. 

What time will you try to get to the stadium for a 1:00pm game?

We'll try to leave the house around 11:30am to give us some time so that we can get down there a little bit early and relax. We'll typically get down to the lot 10 minutes before 12:00pm. The garage is on a city of Atlanta . Sometimes the streets can be crowded on gamedays so you want to give yourself some extra time. 

How long have you been attending Falcons games and parking in this particular location?

We have had season tickets in our family for the last 10 years and have parked in that deck for much of that time.

Do you ever participate in one of the tailgates in the surrounding parking lots?

We pretty much just park and head in the stadium. If we chose to do our mini-tailgate we might grab a sandwich. We take our time getting into the stadium because we've got so much time. 

Who is your favorite Atlanta Falcons player?

Matt Ryan, for his years of service. 

What is the most exciting game that you've been to in recent memory?

There was a game against the Bears where the Falcons were down with six seconds to go in the game. The Bears had scored to go up by a point or two points. The Falcons were able to win the game by kicking a long field goal after a long return. That was probably the most exciting game, and one that you didn't really expect the Falcons to pull out. 

What is the season outlook for the 2016 Atlanta Falcons?

Hopefully they'll keep improving. The offensive line has to do a better job of protecting Ryan and giving him that extra quarter of a second to release the ball that he hasn't been able to count on in past years. 

Thanks to John for spending some time with us and letting us know how Parking Panda has helped make gameday just a bit easier for him. Interested in being our next Customer of the Month? Send us an email to! We offer free parking credits in exchange for your time. 

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