Outsmart the Crowd on Inauguration Day!

Headed into DC for one of the many Presidential Inauguration events? You're going to want to have the logistics of the day locked down tight. Event planners are estimating that around 800,000 people will converge on the nation's capitol this January 20th, and all will be forced to navigate thorough security measures. Road closures to prepare for the event will start as early as Wednesday, January 18th, at 12:00pm.

Parking Panda can help you through the madness! If you're driving into the city, booking parking ahead of time ensures you've got a space waiting for you in a location most convenient for your plans. We also have parking available for reservation near a few Metro stations outside of the city, where parking will be in high demand!

Keep reading, or click below to skip ahead for everything you need to know about road closures, event schedules, tickets, and the best transportation option for you!

Road Closures :: Find Easy Parking in DC :: Tips For Taking the Metro :: Inauguration Day Schedule

Outsmart the Crowd, Reserve Parking Now!

Heavy traffic and road closures will make getting around DC fairly unpleasant, and driving around in circles looking for a parking spot will only add to the frustration. With Parking Panda, you can compare prices and locations of parking garages and lots across the DC area, and reserve a guaranteed space ahead of time! 

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Here are a few tips specific to Inauguration Day that you absolutely need to know before you select a parking spot. 

1. Thou Shall Not Cross Pennsylvania Ave! Pennsylvania Avenue essentially splits the parade viewing area down the middle, and pedestrians will not be allowed to cross this street throughout the day. If you park on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, it will be tough to get to north of this divide, and vice versa. 

2. Red Means No! A large area surrounding the parade route is going to be inaccessible to vehicle activity. Road closures will begin as early as Wednesday, January 18th at 12:00pm. Please reference the red section in the map below for a better idea of exactly where you won't be able to drive. You can also visit the traffic section of this blog for more details on road closures.

Drive + Park + Metro = Success.

One easy way to get to the Inauguration events is to drive, park at a Metro station just outside of the city, and take Metro in to one of the operating stops inside of the vehicle restricted area! Parking will be in high demand at Metro stations! We have parking inventory that you can reserve ahead of time within easy walking distance of a few Metro stations outside of Washington DC. Read on to find a station convenient for you, or click below to search yourself!

Reserve Parking Near Red Line Stations: 

Rockville: Reserve 24-hours of parking for $5.95

Twinbrook: Park until 8:00pm for $7

White Flint: $5 parking for 12-hours!

Bethesda Metro Station - Reserve parking right next door for $14!

Friendship Heights - Book guaranteed parking!

Find cheap spots near Orange and Silver Line Stations:

Ballston-MU: 12-hour parking for just $6

Virginia Square: 12-hour parking for just $6

Clarendon: Reserve all-day parking for $7!

Court House - Park at Arlington Plaza for $5

Rosslyn: $9 parking until 10:00pm

Parking along the Green and Yellow lines: 

Columbia Heights: Park for $9

Inauguration Day Event Schedule

Inauguration Concert - January 19th - Time TBA - Lincoln Memorial

Official Inauguration celebrations will kick off on Thursday night with the Inauguration Concert at the Lincoln Memorial. A list of performers for the event is yet to be finalized, as is a time. 

Swearing In Ceremony - January 20th - 12:00pm - U.S. Capitol Building

The Swearing In Ceremony will take place in front of the U.S. Capitol building. Tickets to the event are tough to come by, and can be attained by contacting your state representative or senator. Tickets are not available for purchase online. 

Those without tickets can still view the ceremony from the National Mall.

Inaugural Parade - January 20th - 2:00pm - Pennsylvania Avenue

The Inaugural Parade takes place almost immediately after the Swearing In Ceremony and travels from the Capitol Building down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Whitehouse. 

There will be a heavy security presence in the blocks immediately surrounding the parade route. Viewers will have to go through a security checkpoint in order to gain access to the parade route. 

A limited number of tickets are available to the general public for special bleacher seating lining the parade route. Public viewing areas are also available if you're not able to obtain tickets. 

Road Closures, Transportation Tips

With so many people headed into Washington DC and heightened security measures forcing road closures, traffic in the city on Inauguration Day should be more than hairy. 

A portion of DC closest to the National Mall will be inaccessible by vehicle. 

The restricted area is roughly bound by 23rd St NW on the west, K St NW on the north, 2nd St NE on the east, and Independence Avenue on the south. Road closures are subject to change without notice as security personnel see fit. 

A complete map of road closures, as provided by the Secret Service, can be found here.

A few major arteries into Washington DC will also be affected by the event. Those closures can be found below:

  • 14th Street Bridge - All traffic from the 14th St Bridge will be diverted to the SE/SW freeway beginning at 5:30am
  • Roosevelt Bridge – Traffic coming across the Roosevelt Bridge will be diverted into northbound Potomac River Expressway to Pennsylvania Avenue or Whitehurst Freeway/K Street.
  • Memorial Bridge – Restricted to pedestrians and authorized vehicles only
  • 3rd Street Tunnel – Closed to all vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic

Have questions about the best place to park for Inauguration Day? Give our Customer Service team a call at 1-800-232-6415 between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00pm!

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