Check Out the Worst Commuting Cities in the US!

We know commuting can be a pain. Did you know that just in the year of 2015, US commuters spent 8 BILLION hours in traffic? Recently, the traffic data company, INRIX, released the 2015 Traffic Scorecard for cities around the world. Check out the Business Insider video that highlights the US traffic data info below. 

2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Horticultural Society will be hosting the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  Did you know that annual Philly event is the oldest and largest flower show? Doors will open for visitors on March 5th and run until March 13th.  That is plenty of time for you to get to the convention center and see the most beautiful collection of flowers, in one space! 

Hey Philly, Win a Valentine's Day Date On Us!

Nothing says it like great food, a charming atmosphere, and the company of the person you love. That's why Parking Panda chose the City of Brotherly Love for its Dinner + Parking Valentine's Day giveaway. So how can you win? Share the Parking Panda love with your social network!HOW TO SHARE THE LOVEDepending on your social network of choice, all you gotta do is like and share/retweet ONE of these...

How to Outsmart Winter Storm Jonas

The forecast is in. Winter Storm Jonas is expected to punish us on the East Coast. While meteorologists, pseudo meteorologists, and your next door neighbor are calling for anywhere from 18 to 30 inches of snow, only a few are reporting on how to prep before getting pummeled by the 100-year record-breaking blizzard. Just like you, we want to know what to do with our car, what we should stock...

2015 Was a Great Year at Parking Panda!

So many awesome things happened at Parking Panda in 2015 that we just had to share them with our equally awesome customers. Here's a highlight of some of our favorites:The addition of 9 new Pandas to the team. Adding new members to the team demonstrates growth, and each addition has allowed us to better serve our customers.Getting ranked in Washingtonian Magazine's 'Top Pandas and Panda-Related Things'. We were excited editors Benjamin...

2015 Philadelphia Marathon Parking Guide

The annual Philadelphia Marathon will bring over 30,000 runners to the heart of Philadelphia. Known as the last 100% city-owned marathon in the US, the Philadelphia Marathon is considered one of the best marathons in the nation, featuring a relatively-flat course and a number of designated cheer-zones for thousands of fans. Whether you're a runner or part of the cheering crowd, this guide will help you prepare your travels plans. 

#TeamCrushTuesday- Jackie Gilbert

Our #TCT this week is our PR Panda Jackie Gilbert. Jackie joined our team in June as the director of communications and in no time has embodied the Parking Panda spirit. Jackie’s passion for PR makes her an invaluable member of our marketing team! Learn more about Jackie, and fall in love with her just as we have.