Never Pay Full Price for DC Hotel Parking

In Washington D.C. alone, there are more than 120 properties and almost 30,000 hotel rooms. Each year, over 18 million visitors visited the US capital, boosting local economy with more than $6 billion in visitor spending. As a popular tourist destination, hotels of of every level of luxury are often in high demand. Unfortunately for visitors, hotel parking is an expensive tab that many overlook.

Parking Panda Celebrates Earth Day 2015

Parking Panda is excited to celebrate Earth Day 2015. We are commited to doing our part in promoting awareness and making environmentally-conscious decisions year-round. Check out our impact as well as our special Parking Panda promotion for Earth Day 2015! 

The Hidden Gem for NFL Gameday Parking

We’re halfway through the 2014 NFL season and for fans that go to games – you’re not crazy for thinking prices have gone up! Team Marketing Report has released their 2014 Fan Cost Index® report which estimates the cost of attending an NFL game for a family of four.  Bad news: league-wide prices have increased an average of 4.4% this year.  Notably, the 49ers and their new high-tech Levi Stadium...

How Big of a Problem is Parking?

Here at Parking Panda, we talk a lot about the burden of parking and the detriment it can be on an individual’s schedule. This should come as no surprise considering our company’s primary goal is to make parking easier. However, that often leads to the question; Is finding parking that large of an issue?