Parking Panda Launches in Canada!

We're excited to announce our recent expansion into Canada! Bolstered by our new partnership with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, our first international expansion will allow guaranteed third-party parking reservations for the first time in Downtown Toronto. 

Check Out the Worst Commuting Cities in the US!

We know commuting can be a pain. Did you know that just in the year of 2015, US commuters spent 8 BILLION hours in traffic? Recently, the traffic data company, INRIX, released the 2015 Traffic Scorecard for cities around the world. Check out the Business Insider video that highlights the US traffic data info below. 

Dear Chicago Drivers: You Might Be in Luck When It Comes to the Overnight Parking Ban

By sunrise of Dec. 2, the City of Chicago pocketed an estimated $46,000 in towing, ticketing, and storage fees. What the Windy City might not have expected were angry motorists raising Cain about Chicago's Winter Overnight Parking Ban. Who were they? Likely the 200 motorists who had violated the seasonal overnight parking ban. And the hoopla got someone's attention. In fact, it was raised to the level of a Northwest Side alderman.

Chicago Overnight Parking Ban Starts Today

Did you know that the Chicago overnight parking ban went into effect today? By sunrise this morning, several cars throughout Chicago were towed due to the seasonal overnight parking ban. Prepare yourself by reviewing the rules and keeping a lookout for all posted signs. Keep reading to find out more about the overnight parking ban! 

Meet Diane H., Parking Panda's November Customer of the Month!

Parking Panda is lucky to have customers who are passionate about finding cheap, easy, and reliable parking experiences. Diane H., our November Customer of the Month, is no different. Diane hails from the Windy City and has recognized Parking Panda as a solution to her parking nightmares in one of the country's busiest cities. Parking Panda enables Diane to organize meetings throughout the city without worrying about where to park,...