Washington D.C. Parking Guide

Washington D.C. is one of the United States largest and most important cities.  As our capital, it is the center of the US government.  D.C. was created as our capital and named in honor of George Washington in 1790 with the signing of the Residence Act.  The centers of all three branches of government are located in D.C. D.C. is also home to hundreds of monuments and museums, namely the Smithsonian museums.

Top 10 Cities with Highest Revenues from Parking Violations

Parking ticket fine collection is a cash cow for U.S. major cities. With hefty fines tacked onto tickets, cities are making a big buck from your parking mistakes!Photo by Ildar Sagdejev/CC BY Using cities' 2013 financial reports, TicketZen ranked U.S. cities by revenue made off of parking tickets. Check out the top 10 cities with highest parking ticket revenues:10. San JoseSan Jose rakes in close to $60.5 million annually based on parking...

Philadelphia City Parking Guide

Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest cities.  Founded in 1682 by William Penn to serve as the capital of the Pennsylvania colony, less than 100 years later, Philadelphia would serve an integral role in the American Revolution.  It was the meeting place for the Founding Fathers and was the city where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written and signed.  It hosted both the First and Second Continental...

Chicago Parking Guide

The windy city is the third largest city in the United States and plays host to nearly 3 million people. Chicago is home to a variety of attractions, from theatres and art galleries, to stadiums and arenas. Chicago most definitely has something for everyone. That is why it is one of the most traveled to cities in the country, with an estimated 40 million people visiting Chicago each year.

San Francisco City Guide

San Francisco is one of the West Coast’s jewels.  Nestled on the coast in beautiful Northern California, San Francisco boasts a rich history and culture.  Millions flood the city every year to see the Golden Gate Bridge, walk the stony halls of Alcatraz and visit the numerous art museums.  Parking in a city like San Francisco can be a stressful experience.  Commercial and municipal garages fill up quickly and...

New Orleans Parking Guide

New Orleans is a city rich in culture and history.  Millions flood the city every single day to walk down Bourbon Street, hear jazz music and visit the museums.  When you visit a place, you want  to see it.  To often, when you visit foreign places, you spend too much time driving around, looking for parking.  

Baltimore Parking Guide

Whether you’re a Baltimore local, or visiting for the day you should know that parking in the city can be a hassle.  Charm city is filled with a variety of garages and parking lots; the trouble is locating the nearest spot, with availability, for the best price. Imagine if you could do all that on your smartphone in a matter of seconds! Check out Parking Panda!

New York City Parking Tips and Guidelines

New York Overview: New York City is one of the most densely populated cities in the country and many deal with “New York City” traffic everyday. The roads can be very congested and finding parking is no easy task. The primary parking options in New York are on street parking and commercial parking facilities. In Manhattan alone there are over 1100 parking facilities with a wide range of prices. However,...