Check Out the Worst Commuting Cities in the US!

We know commuting can be a pain. Did you know that just in the year of 2015, US commuters spent 8 BILLION hours in traffic? Recently, the traffic data company, INRIX, released the 2015 Traffic Scorecard for cities around the world. Check out the Business Insider video that highlights the US traffic data info below. 

Toyota Center Parking Guide

The Toyota Center is one of Houston’s major entertainment venues.  Artists like Destiny’s Child, Drake and Prince have all performed at the Toyota Center.  The arena is home to the Houston Rockets.  The arena holds nearly 19,000 people and is located in central Houston.  This makes finding parking tricky.  Parking Panda is here to help! Parking Panda allows you to reserve your  parking ahead of time and save yourself time and stress! Your parking...